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The debut album of the Kala Un-collective. Written by Justina Shandler in collaboration with Lanie Smith, Kavita Singh, Andrew Sartory, and Cor Stahl.

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  • The Outrageous Human Challenge

    A taste of magic for the outrageous human ready to fulfill their desires beyond what they are even currently capable of imagining.

  • The Pure Gold Rush

    Uncover your money stories, why it gets in the way of your cash creation and what you can do about it - even when your mind says you don’t know what to do or how to do it.

  • The Queen's Challenge

    Move out of Princess Child energy. Claim your Queen by deciding you are stepping into Truth leaving the imposter syndrome and empty bank account behind for good.

  • The King's Challenge

    To the man who honors depth and integrity. With Truth + transparency as the foundation, this is a journey toward the deeper layers of love & power. One that will blow your mind if you let it.

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